International Instructor and Facilitation Training
Course Description

Course Description

The course is designed for all healthcare professionals who want to develop the knowledge and skills required to run successful simulation scenarios and debriefings.

It exceeds the expectations of a regular course, because it includes a whole set of educational activities over a longer period of time, which ensures directly applicable, deep and long-lasting learning effects for all participants.

We focus on the key aspects of healthcare simulation: adult learning, the concept of human factors, the application of crisis resource management (CRM), scenario design, debriefing and feedback skills.

The content is suitable for physicians, nurses and allied healthcare providers in all fields of healthcare, as well as paramedics and pre-hospital personnel. If you are an educator in healthcare or want to start working in that area – this is the right course for you!

The participants will be able to

  • create and deliver effective simulation scenarios.
  • provide a safe learning environment.
  • provide constructive feedback and debriefing to medical teams including aspects of human factors and crisis resource management (CRM)
  • develop appropriate questioning techniques and styles for debriefings, as well as self-reflective questioning techniques including the “3-Step-Question Technique”.
  • prevent, avoid and manage difficult debriefing situations.

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“The webinar is more intense than normal presence courses. I was surprised how effective it was.”

“I did not expect such an intimate setting. I had a great learning experience, due to the great guidance during the course. It felt like a private lesson and a personal coaching.”

“I learned helpful tips which I can apply in my daily work life. I was surprised how well the course works as a webinar and how the practices of debriefing were taught in a more approachable way in this format than those in regular trainings.”

“The format fits conveniently into everyday life. I could participate in the course without having to sacrifice time with my family.”